Live Life - We Believe In Work and Life Balance

We want everyone to be happy and healthy, have time to give back, and have the resources and support they need.

Health Insurance
Taking care of our team inside and outside the office is essential. We provide comprehensive medical plans for you and your dependents that fit your overall need and budget best. We've got you and your family covered with access to preventative and emergency health care.
Vision Insurance
We offer affordable vision insurance to cover preventive and regular maintenance costs of eye care for you and your family, such as annual eye exams and reduced out-of-pocket expenses for corrective eyewear. Scheduling regular eye exams each year will help you and your family keep your eyes healthy.
Dental Insurance
We know that overall health and wellness for you and your family includes oral health. We work with our partners to deliver significant access to oral health care while helping control your costs when you visit a provider. Our plan offers tools to help employees take advantage of dental benefits and prioritize preventive care.
Retirement Plan
Saving for retirement is one of the most important things we must do during our working years. We offer a 401(K) plan with a 50% match of the first 5% contributed.
Paid Vacation Leave
We understand taking time off is necessary to maintain a healthy balance. Our PTO plan gives you the downtime you need when you need it.
Parental Leave
Work should help you lead the life you want — that’s why we provide generous parental leave.
Learning & Development
We believe innovation can’t happen without continuous learning and development, and we provide our employees with many ways to grow professionally and personally.
Paid Volunteer Time
We believe in making a difference outside our organization. Employees are given paid Volunteer Time off so they can make a difference.

Our Mission And Values

GNE is a place for diverse teams to connect, grow, have fun, and make an impact. These principles drive us to be better each day.
Our Mission
To provide quality products and services that allow our customers to grow their businesses and to build an organization that provides a rewarding career for every employee.
Our Culture
We value a culture of collaboration, balance, positivity, growth-mindedness, results-driven methods, and a friendly workplace environment. We work hard for the company's greater good, and we do so in an inspiring environment with a positive attitude.
Core Values
Our guiding principles and fundamental beliefs drive us. We are all accountable. We are empowered to take ownership and action. We respect one another. Everyone has value. We are customer-focused. We are passionate about outstanding customer experiences. We have integrity. We always strive to do the right thing.