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LiquiTube Tire Sealant

Permanent, premium, heavy-duty tire protection.

- Instantly repairs 1/4" punctures in small tires. Up to 3/4" punctures in heavy ply industrial tires.

- Coats the inner surface of the wheel to eliminate all sources of air loss including rim, bead, weather cracking, and porosity leaks.

- Keeps your tires properly inflated and balanced while keeping the rubber cooler to promote slower even tread wear.

- Using as preventative maintenance eliminates tire repairs and tire failures due to underinflation.

- Installs easily through the valve stem once the valve core is removed. 5-gallon pump overrides air pressure up to 50 psi.

- Stays liquid for the life of the tire. Never breaks down or separates. Liquitube does not rust or corrode wheels. Rinses out with water.