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Since 1982, Iron & Oak commercial log splitters have been rated among the top in the industry for their performance, ease of use, and reliability. Built for commercial use, Iron & Oak log splitters are engineered with precision to ensure efficiency and are built with quality components that meet exacting company standards. The Iron & Oak log splitters are highly rated among customers. With dependable customer service and other exclusive features, they are a desirable brand to power equipment users.

Why Iron & Oak Power Equipment?

Iron & Oak Log Splitter Premium Features

Iron & Oak log splitters boast premium operational features including a hands-free auto return valve with detent, an auto-latch system making the transition between the vertical and horizontal operating positions simple, and a wider splitting wedge to improve cycle time and produce an overall cleaner split.

Iron & Oak Honda Engine on a Log Splitter Powered By Honda

With legendary easy starting, better fuel efficiency, and quieter performance, it's easy to see why we choose Honda to power our splitters.

Iron & Oak Made in the USA Quality Manufacturing

All Iron & Oak log splitters are made in the USA with both American and imported components. They are designed, fabricated, and welded in-house for total quality control. Each unit receives a powder coat finish for lasting durability against use and the elements.

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I'm replacing a 20 Ton Horizontal Splitter with this awesome splitter from Iron and Oak, and it hasn't disappointed me one bit. Where the 20-ton would stall and have to back up and try again, this monster rips through the worst stuff and keeps asking for more! Nice to see American craftsmanship continue to be the best!

~ Christopher, Waldwick, NJ
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I purchased this machine because I wanted to keep the money in the United States and I heard this was a great unit. It arrived in a well-made crate and was very easy to put together. I filled the reservoir with 10 gallons of ISO 32 hydraulic fluid, filled the Honda with oil, and pulled the handle 20 times (prime the pump), watching the ram move at about pull 15 as the pump was primed. I then filled the gas, and it started on the first pull. I have used many splitters before, but I have never seen one this "overbuilt." I am sure that I will get decades of good use out of this great machine. And I am happy that it was built in my neighboring state (MN).

~ Andy, Janesville, WI
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This is my first log splitter and it is perfect for my use! The first time it was used, we split 4-cords of wood! I appreciate that it was made in the USA, and the customer service department was exceptional. I have no complaints at all (or even recommendations for improvement). I highly recommend this splitter!

~ David, Amarillo, TX