About Us
Great Northern Equipment Distributing, Inc. ("GNE") is a diverse company that realizes you need to find innovative solutions and utilize the "out-of-box" thinking to find profitable avenues for all. We continue to add to our portfolio to expand opportunities to our customers and provide exceptional service, quality, and support like no other company can. GNE manufactures and distributes top-quality equipment that you can trust and count on at an exceptional value.

We provide quality products and trusted brands to the hardware, lawn & garden, rental, agriculture, and power equipment industries. We continue to strategically partner ourselves with quality products, and incorporate smart business solutions that we can utilize across our business to provide our customers exceptional value.

GNE owned brands include Brave Products, CEI Supply, DoskoIron & Oak, Jrco, and Maxim.

K&M Manufacturing Co. is a division of GNE.

In addition, we also carry top brands such as Honda, Banjo Pumps, BrownEmax, SeeDevil, and MORE. We take pride in servicing our dealers, rental stores, big-box stores, national accounts, hardware co-ops, and OEM's. We're certain we can help you build your business with our quality products.

GNE-Honda Environment Award
The Honda Environmental Leadership Program

The Honda Environmental Leadership Program is a voluntary program designed to help Honda distributors realize both operational cost savings and recognition as environmental leaders in their community. Great Northern Equipment Distributing, Inc. has implemented noteworthy energy and environmental best practices in our facilities which has now been recognized as deserving of the Silver Environmental Leadership Program award.

Commitment to Excellence
commitment to excellence

We are constantly evaluating our methods and searching for ways to improve upon them. We do not stop to rest on our accomplishments. Instead, we build on them while continually setting new standards for ourselves. We feel that excellence is not defined by events or success. We know that excellence comes from small goals that shape large dreams. We are determined not to overlook what others may consider trivial and will do whatever it takes in order to serve our customers' every need.

Experienced and Dedicated Staff
dedicated staff

We strive to deliver amazing products and outstanding customer service for our customers. We take pride in knowing that we have the best staff in the business and that they provide unparalleled service. We learned long ago that building relationships are the key to any business model. In order for us to foster our relationships with our customers, we recognize the need for highly skilled and qualified personnel. Our staff is committed to providing an excellent experience for all of our customers.

Quality Products
quality products

GNE is a trusted leader with respect to top-quality products. We source and/or produce a multitude of products varying from engines to power equipment. While all of the products we carry or manufacture are known for their performance and durability, each has been handpicked by our Strategic Product and Development Team to best suit our customers' needs. We have been committed to delivering high-quality products that our customers have trusted for over 30 years. Our product line is continually growing as we are constantly researching, developing, or sourcing new products. We only partner with companies that share the same mindset as we do to continually meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Affordable and Competitive Prices
affordable and competitive prices

GNE understands that people shop for the best price they can get, particularly in today’s economy and especially when considering an expensive piece of equipment. However, we know that saving money by buying the cheapest model available can be hurtful to your business as it often leads to poor quality. We aim to provide the lowest price possible on high-quality equipment – not second-rate machinery. We will never compromise quality for quantity so we will always deliver the best possible product at the best price. Efficient management, up-to-date production technology, strategic planning, and knowledgeable staff allow us to work more quickly and efficiently – therefore, reducing your costs.