Tine Rake Dethatchers

Jrco front-mount dethatchers are available for commercial walk-behind or ride-on mowers. The Jrco tine rake dethatcher is the ultimate spring clean-up tool. Use the rake for the first mowing of the spring to remove thatch, embedded leaves, and debris. The patented tines lift thatch without damaging healthy turfgrass and at the same time comb matted grass giving the lawn a clean, hand-raked appearance. After a hot summer, use the tine rake dethatcher to surface aerate the soil. This promotes root development and makes room for thicker turfgrass. Use the dethatcher during seeding operations to rake in seeds and accelerate germination. Finally, use the tine rake dethatcher for the last mowing of the fall leaving a picture-perfect, clean lawn. The tine rake dethatcher quickly attaches to the Jrco mount bar with clevis pins. Use our Find My Tine Rake tool to find the right fit for your mower.

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Jrco Tine Rake Dethatchers