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Maxim has designed and built professional and homeowner-grade landscape tillers, brush cutters, aerators, rollers, and more for over 40 years. With its unmatched premium quality, Maxim is popular with dealers and performs strongly in the rental markets.

Why Maxim Power Equipment?

Maxim Commercial Tiller Product Versatility

Knowing that not all lawns and gardens are alike, Maxim manufacturers unique lines of equipment for residential and commercial applications, with features that satisfy the varying needs of homeowners and professionals. Customers may choose product models and options that best suit their lawn maintenance and gardening needs.

Mechanic working on a tiller Customer Loyalty

Backed by quality engineering and components, outstanding warranties, and a full catalog of replacement parts, owners of Maxim products know they can count on Maxim's product durability and support to keep their equipment operational year after year. When they begin the process of upgrading their equipment they continue to select Maxim as their brand of choice.

Maxim Made in the USA Proven Legacy

Maxim Manufacturing Corporation was incorporated in 1963. In 2016 the assets of Maxim Manufacturing were purchased by Great Northern Equipment in Rogers, MN. GNE is proud to carry on the Maxim legacy in the manufacturing, development, and support of this outstanding assortment of products.

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Bought a Maxim till & plow from an elderly gentleman back in the mid-1980s. Still in use today and just now changed the drive belt today for the 2nd time. Quality product built to last.

~ Robert, Waterloo, AL
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These are by far the best tillers made by anyone hands down. The one I use was purchased new in the early seventies by my dad. We have had to do some work over the years, but there is no other transmission that will hold up like this.

~ Jason, Tazewell, VA
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Toughest little garden tiller I've ever owned. I will buy Maxim again if / when I wear this one out.

~ Billy, Duncanville, AI