Greenteeth® 500 Series | Standard Dish Green Stump Grinder Tooth w/Nut

Ideal for rocky soil conditions! Three-position rotatable tooth – it’s like having three teeth in one! The Greenteeth® design is unique in that the tooth can be quickly rotated three times to give your machine three sharp cutting edges before the tooth needs to be sharpened. The 500 Series Green Standard Dish tooth has a concave that is a bit shallower compared to the Red Deep Dish and is a better choice for rocky soil conditions. The 500 series are appropriate for smaller units in the market, typically under 20hp.
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Brand: Greenteeth
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Features and Benefits
  • The 500 Series Green Standard Dish tooth has a concave edge that is more shallow compared to the Red Deep Dish. These teeth are a better choice for rocky soil conditions where there is MORE THAN 25% rock in the ground. Greenteeth® 500 series teeth are designed to fit on 500 series Greenteeth® pockets only.
  • Greenteeth® are manufactured in the USA using specifically formulated carbide to offer a high-quality tooth with a long cutting life. Greenteeth® is a unique Stump Grinder tooth and pocket system that gives you the ability to rotate the tooth itself, providing a fresh cutting edge in a matter of seconds. The tooth can be rotated using only a standard wrench and without having to remove the pocket! Since each tooth can be rotated to a new edge three times, it is like having three teeth in one! In the same way, any tooth can be easily moved to any pocket position on the wheel, thus allowing even more cutting life from each tooth.
  • A tough carbide concave "dish" as a cutting edge is the innovative design that allows Greenteeth® the ability to actually "shear" rather than "shred". The shearing is a smoother motion that requires less power exertion from the machine and allows faster, more efficient stump cutting.
  • Recommendations: GREEN-SEIZE™ is a premium anti-seize compound composed of fine copper and graphite powders in a high-heat organic carrier. We recommend lubricating the threads of the pocket bolts to make removal easier.
Product Specifications
Equipment Type Stump Grinder Teeth
Item No_ 783557.DOS
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